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Regular Drinking Water Leaked Into Creek From Broken Water Pipe, Kills Federally Protected Fish; TWI

Drink tap water? Wake up and smell the Chloramine.



"That's the funny thing: People think of drinking water as not being a problem, but when you see the reaction with the species in the creek you realize it can be toxic," said Dyan Whtye, assistant executive officer at the Regional Water Quality Control Board.

We are expected to drink water that has been treated with a chemical pesticide designed to kill living cells in higher concentrations than what they should be. This same water can and does kill other animals, as we hear from pet stores all the time when fish or frogs die when people use tap water for their pets. If it kills smaller animals, what is it doing to us over the years?

This fine ammounts to $10,000 per fish killed in the incident in the USA. In Vernon, BC recently, the government was charged with negligence, allowing contaminated water to reach the public - Canadian fines? $15 per person (victim surcharge). The total fine was $18,450. This affected 4,000 homes.

How many people are dying from chronic disease by exposure to these chemicals? There are safer alternatives. You either have a filter, or you are a filter.

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