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Special Post: Remembering Chlorine on Remembrance Day - 100 Years of Chlorine Gas

100 years ago in 1915, Chlorine Gas was used to kill thousands of soldiers during WW1. In many parts of Europe, Chlorine is not used to sanitize water. This is due in some part to the fact so many Europeans witnessed the horrible effects of Chlorine Gas and other chemical weapons on the human body and livestock. Instead, UV/OZONE is employed in most major cities to santize water.

The first killing agent employed by the German military was chlorine. Chlorine is a powerful irritant that can inflict damage to the eyes, nose, throat and lungs. At high concentrations and prolonged exposure it can cause death by asphyxiation.[8] German chemical companies BASF, Hoechst and Bayer (which formed the IG Farben conglomerate in 1925) had been producing chlorine as a by-product of their dye manufacturing.[9] In cooperation with Fritz Haber of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Chemistry in Berlin, they began developing methods of discharging chlorine gas against enemy trenches.[10][11]

According to the fieldpost letter of Major Karl von Zingler, the first chlorine gas attack by German forces took place before 2 January 1915: "In other war theaters it does not go better and it has been said that our Chlorine is very effective. 140 English officers have been killed. This is a horrible weapon ...".[12] (Source: Wikipedia)

The veterans and those in their generation still alive today, are often on a plethora of pills for a vast array of common ailments. But what if I told you those ailments are common due to one common denominator? "Drink plenty of water." is the advice we all get.

The problem is that once in water, chlorine interacts with other organic and in-organic compounds to form Trihalomethanes (chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, dibromochloromethane) and Haloacetic Acids - all carcinogenic and mutagenic.

We know that Aluminum is added to drinking water to clarify it, and this may be a major contributor to the alarmingly rapid increase in rates of Dementia. But what diseases are caused by chlorine and its byproducts in drinking water?


-Bladder Cancer

-Rectal Cancer

-Colon Cancer

-Heart Disease (WHO Link: Here)

-Psoriasis & Eczema

Under Investigation:

-Lung Cancer (from inhaling vaporized chlorine in the shower)

-Skin Cancer (absorbing chlorine through skin & mucous membranes in the shower)

-Oxidation and breakdown of medications in the mouth (interaction of drug compounds and the oxidative effects of chlorine when washing down medications with a drink of water)

Chlorine is a pesticide, also killing beneficial bacteria in the stomach when ingested - leading to ulcers, indigestion, acid reflux, and nutritional deficiencies which may cause a host of other problems not yet researched. Chlorination byproducts are mutagenic & carcinogenic, and reactive to the 50,000 possible drugs & chemicals found in tap water - The full effects of which we do not fully understand.

Dr. Oz calls the condition of tap water a 'State of Emergency.'

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