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Water, The New Years Resolution

This is the time of year we attempt momentarily to stop our bad habits in favor of cultivating our ideal self. But year and year again we prove quantifiably that new habits are harder to form than we thought. So try a different approach!

The best resolutions are those that include a simple, effective modification to what you already do. For example, you already park in a parking lot to go grocery shopping - start parking farther away to get a better walk in. Speaking of groceries, you're already putting them in a bag so make sure you always bring reusable ones!

You already stand in the shower for way too long thinking about going to the gym some day, so why not just do some squats right there with instant sweat removal. This is especially important if you already are going to the gym and hate leg day...

Speaking of showering, you should be showering in filtered water with one of our shower filters!

And speaking of water, the water we drink can often have the biggest impact on our health, as of course it's the main component of what makes us alive.

Is sweating out toxins really beneficial when we are just re-hydrating with the chemical cocktail that is tap water? The EPA has stated that dozens to hundreds of unregulated, unchecked, and untested chemicals can be in a glass of regular tap water.

So while you're already getting a glass of water - you know, to stay a live and all - why not give us a call to set up a 30 day free trial for one of our certified water filters? It's cheaper than a gym membership and we do all the work setting it up and maintaining it.

What are you waiting for? The world's getting more polluted and we have to be conscious and proactive about everything we put in our bodies.

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