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BC Government Can't Even Protect Itself From Contaminated Water

Canadians expect clean drinking water, and grow up believing the propaganada we hear from parents and government officials about 'how good we have it.' But with concerns of lead levels in schools, one BC MLA took it upon herself to test the water at the BC Legislature in Victoria, a city often used an example for clean water.

This problem will continue until Canada adopts strict, enforcable water quality laws. Currently, Canada has voluntary guidelines which do not have to be met. This allows officials to assure the public that drinking water is safe without having to provide any evidence for their statements.

"A B.C. MLA is sounding the alarm over what she says are dangerous levels of lead in the water at the province’s legislature.

Delta South Independent MLA Vicki Huntington says lab tests revealed lead levels at five and a half times the maximum allowed under federal and provincial restrictions.

The Environmental Protection Agency says lead exposure in children can result in anemia, hearing problems and behaviour and learning problems. Although less harmful to adults, it can cause cardiovascular problems, decreased kidney function and reproductive problems."

Read the full article: HERE.

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