We are a family owned & operated business, established in 1999. We believe there is a better way for people to drink pure water than having to rely on plastics or cheap filters that only affect taste & smell - without actually removing many dangerous contaminants now found in all water.


Traditional water delivery hasn't changed since the Egyptians carried big heavy clay water jugs from the Nile. Fast forward to the present day and the only change is that modern water delivery wastes fuel, energy & money having water packaged & trucked to us in plastic jugs; destroying the environment and our health.


Tap water is no alternative, with the amounts of chlorine, heavy metals, unregulated pesticides. Most people we meet don't even know what's in their tap water. Did you know Canada doesn't have legally enforceable laws on it's tap water quality, and the voluntary guidelines Canada provides must be balanced between agricultural application and home use? Only 5%-20% of water is used for humans - this means there are more regulations in regards to the water being used for watering your lawn than there are protecting you.


We're a company focused on eliminating everything wrong with the water industry. And there's a lot wrong with it.


By switching to us, you eliminate the need for:


  • the production of plastic jugs which involves oil drilling, extraction & refining


  • transportation of empty jugs in oversize, gas guzzling delivery trucks


  • massive energy consumption to pump & filter water in order to fill thousands of jugs every month


  • energy & coolant for chilling & storing costs


  • huge quantities of gasoline & diesel used by water delivery trucks


  • cleaning & re-using of jugs (they're re-used up to 40 times before being discarded.) Since they are #7 'OTHER' plastics, they often cannot be recycled.

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