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0% interest payment plans are available for a minimum of $200/mo



Water softeners are a smart way to help homeowners save money by preserving & extending the lifespan of appliances such as:

  1. Dishwashers

  2. Hot water tanks

  3. Showers

  4. Shower heads

  5. Bathtubs

  6. Sinks

  7. Faucets

  8. Kettles

  9. Pots & Pans

  10. Rice Cookers

  11. Ice Makers

  12. Washing Machines

Softeners extend the life of all your home appliances by preventing scale buildup, mineral deposits, and heavy metal damage. These contaminants can damage pipes, hot water tanks, shower heads, kettles, dishwashers, sinks, faucets, etc. Softening your water also reduces your use of soaps and detergents in the bath & laundry because soap is naturally more efficient in soft water, further saving you more money!


Why invest in a customized softener instead of a big box brand?


Because not all water is created equal!


Generic brands are designed for the mass market, not your home. Those softeners can potentially miss the critical contaminants specific to your water.


Only Additional Cost: $121.00 for a water analysis. This is done by a third party laboratory independent of New Wave Coolers. A water analysis will provide us with the exact water chemistry we need to match the proper equipment to your situation, as no water sources are the same. This will also provide you with a precise list of what's in your water for personal reference.

MSRP: $3200 for one customized softener.
$600: parts & installation
$500: 5 year warranty
Total $4200 +tax
Sale Price: Get it all for just $3500
includes installation & warranty



If you have any hard water buildup like this you can imagine what it's doing to your skin, hair, pipes  & appliances.

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