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There are lots of reasons to ditch the jugs.

Here's 3.


"Would you like hands with that?"


The average 18.5L water jug comes in to contact with over 40 pairs of hands. Would you drink from a glass that was passed around between 40 other people before it got to you? Think of all the snot, fecal matter, sweat, dead skin, germs....


The neck of your bottle sits in the water cooler, germs are drawn to water or just fall off into your water due to gravity.


Throughout the lifespan of one jug, it endures 40 deliveries. 40 changes. 40 pickups before they are thrown away. The real number is closer to 120 pairs of hands not including the person who places the jug on the cooler and takes it off when empty.



What's Environmentalism?


Bottled water is among the most wasteful products in our society. Every bottle takes gallons of oil to produce, ship, truck around, deliver, fill, refill, return, recycle.


Bottles are re-used up to 40 times between 40 different customers before being disposed of. And that #7 plastic they are made of? Can't be recycled. It's too toxic.


The growing demand for plant derived plastics is not a better alternative. We have already lost so much of our rainforests to grow palm oil that it's better to make plastics from petroleum oils taken from uninhabited deserts.

Why Pay The Middle Man For All This Waste?



10 years ago, 18.5L jugs were only $4. Now they are between $6-$8 and on the rise to $10 and beyond.


It's not the water you are paying for. You're paying for the immeasurable amounts of gasoline required to truck those heavy jugs around. One delivery truck can have 100 bottles, 50lbs each. Driving around all day. Every day.


Every jug takes 40L of to clean out and refill between customers. You're paying for your suppliers water bill & new bottles which are replaced every 40 fills then thrown away.


Going jug-free eliminates this collosal waste altogether. And it's 10%-60% cheaper!

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