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"I was spending $70 a month on bottled water, deliveries, cooler rental, and they never cleaned my cooler once in 8 years of using it; so this pays for itself fast and we really appreciate that you clean it for us every time you come to change our filters. I could have bought 4 of these with the same amount of money I spent on bottled water and renting a cooler. Now we have one at work and one at home and it's costing us less than half of what we used to spend on one! I wasn't even using bottled water for cooking, or for the dog like I can now with unlimited pure water from my RO. I even use it to water my indoor plants, and my ice cubes are clear...I didn't know ice cubes were supposed to be clear! We're all drinking more water now that we aren't paying more to use more."

-Mrs. Lindsey, Kelowna

"I usually get so itchy in the shower I scratch til my skin bleeds. This all stopped after one shower [with a shower filter]...My grandaughter has the same issues and I want to buy one for her too..She's at TRU in Kamloops and the chlorine seems even worse there. Just add it to my bill!"

-Wendy D., Salmon Arm

"I purchased the system on Thursday, arranged bank financing, and by Tuesday the following week my bladder control problem had stopped, just from drinking the pure water. My fish love it too."

-Mr. A, Merritt

"We got a filter and jug-free water cooler for our business in Vernon. We loved it so much we got one in our home. The service we get has been impeccable. Thank you Dean!"

-Cindy M., Vernon

"My psoriasis went away within 11 days of using clean water. We shower the 'outside' of our body, now I shower the 'inside' of my body with pure water & notice it on the outside."

-Mae K., Ashcroft

"We've had our filters for 5 years and none of us have been sick since. We used to have constant flu symptoms and skin rashes, it must have been from the overchlorination of our water."

-Geoff D, Merritt

"I've even seen a difference with my dogs; they don't puke & sh** all over the place like they used to when they were drinking our stinky well water. I never even considered how they have a smaller digestive system than us and the crap in this water affects them even more than it affects me. I feel bad for all the years that's all they had to drink."

-Hellen F., Merritt

"We both had body rashes, so itchy it would wake us up at night. We were going through a tub of $70 medicated cream every month. It all stopped within 3 days of drinking your water and we LOVE the shower filter. I honestly can't thank you enough, I wish we could pay you more. We've been dealing with itchy skin every day for years and years...I forgot what it felt like to not itch. Thank you. We even notice our two Shiatzus drink more water now that we can use it for them without paying more."

-Ron L., Merritt

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