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We offer a variety of services.

First Nations

First Nations Communities are not protected under the same water quality standards as other Canadians. Reservations have a 90% increased risk of supplying contaminated water to Band Members.


Take matters into your own hands & rent/buy your own filter system.

Protect yourself & your family from unprotected water. We work with 35 First Nations in BC.  Call us for a free water test.


To further help our Native customers, we accept full or partial trades of Fine Art & Jewelry. Contact for more details.


Water Softeners

It is important to customize your softener to your specific water conditions. We offer analysis & installation of our custom built water softeners at an unbeatable price.


Protect your home investments from water damage & stop using so much soap! Our softeners will save you thousands of dollars over the years.

Aquariums. Vivariums.
Terrariums. Oh My!


Fish Love Water. If you're an avid fish keeper or aquarium enthusiast, we offer filtration services that meet the delicate needs of a healthy ecosystem.


Reptile enthusiasts can benefit from using purified water as well. Misting systems require Reverse Osmosis to run properly.


Indoor plants love purified water. Tap water can kill tropical plants!


Start with pure water & add your own hardness, salinity, humic acid, tadpole tea, fertilizers, etc to ensure your pets get what they need.

Shower Filters

Dry skin? Hairloss? Hair thinning? Asthma? Eczema? Psoriasis? Eye Irritation? Acne?


The chemical cocktail in water might be the problem!

Showering in filtered water can help.


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