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With awareness growing of what is in our water thanks to headlines about Flint Michigan, Whiterock BC, and now lead concerns at schools in Prince Rupert, we are receiving an increased demand for home filter systems.


The most reliable way to remove lead, chemicals (pesticides, chlorines, and herbicides), fluoride, and other impurities is to install a certified 5-stage Reverse Osmosis at your kitchen sink. You can use it for drinking, cooking, coffee, tea, even the dogs & cats. Don't bother with pitcher filters, fridge filters, or cheap uncertified filters which are not designed to remove these harmful contaminants in our tap water. The best part about our system is that WE service it professionally, regularly.


Not all Reverse Osmosis are created equal! Ours are certified to remove 95% of all water impurities and contaminants.


Regular Price: $50/mo


For a limited time, we are offering our premium package to you for just

$30/mo (Or $1999 purchase price)


This rental pricing includes:



-All future annual filter changes

-Relocation if you move

-Regular annual maintenance

-Automatic safety leak detection



Optional Addons:


Alkalizer                 $10/mo

UV Sterilization      $15/mo

Shower/Bath filter $7.50/mo

Fridge hookup        $2.50/mo


SAVE MORE!!! By pre-paying either 2, 3, 4, or 5 years at once, you will recieve huge discounts!



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