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Canadians Have No Legal Right To Clean Water

In 11 years in the water treatment industry, I have never met a single person who knew that Canadians have no right to clean drinking water. The government does a great job at making the public believe we have clean drinking water, but this is simply not the truth.

Canada has voluntary guidelines, which means there is no legal enforcement for infractions. Without legal enforcement, politicians and health officials can say whatever they want about water quality without having to be held accountable.

"Canada remains one of the few industrialized countries without national legally binding drinking water standards." - See more at:

"Despite all of the problems in Canada – or perhaps because of it – Canada has taken a position against legal recognition of the human right to water. In March 2008, Canada played a pivotal role in the defeat of a UN Human Rights Council resolution that would have recognized access to water as a human right, and would have established an international body with a mandate to monitor States’ compliance with this right."

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