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Mosquito Control 'Malathion' Sprayed By Canadian Government 'probably carcinogenic to hu

Our certified Reverse Osmosis are designed to remove organophosphates such as malathion & glyphosate, among many other dangerous unregulated chemicals which can be found in our water, most of which are not removed by other types of filters.

Malathion is NOT tested for in our drinking water. The government says the benefit of preventing 'rare' cases of West Nile outwieghs the cancer risk, and so turn a blind eye to the potential residuals in water.

This has been sprayed and protested agasint for years, with government always saying it is non-threatening to human health, and only now receieves a warning label.

Only one drop out in a thousand actually hits a mosquito as Malathion is sprayed, the rest hits 'non-target species'....which includes us, and is extremely hazardous to our precious bees. One study in 2008 showed that chemical cocktails found in nature from spray runoff, of which Malathion is found, killed 99% of leopard frog tadpoles.

Residual Malathion breaks down in the environment into Malaoxon which has long been known to be much more harmful than the Malathion itself. Malaoxon is highly water soluable. The issue with this fact is that the research is only being done on what is used, the Malathion itself, and not the chemical interactions and breakdowns which occur after spraying or during water chlorination.

From the Environmental Protection Angency "Malathion present in untreated water will form malaoxon during the chlorination process in water treatment facilities. Malaoxon can also form more slowly when malathion is deposited on hard, dry surfaces and exposed to air over time."

The story in Canada begins in 2005 when a group of several hundred doctors warned Winnepeg against the use of Malathion.

Now the Story continues in 2015 after the World Health Organization has finally declared this as a probable carcinogen:

Insider proof from a local First Nation's project that the government in BC sprays Malathion & Glyphosate, including a map of where these chemicals are sprayed. (See page 14):

More information on Malaoxon, which contains a list of health effects so long it looks like one of those awful pharmaceutical commericals you have to change the channel from because it takes 6 minutes to explain the risks:

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